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TheHinduVoice is the voice of every Hindu, who has faced the discrimination for following religious practices or beliefs and also of those, who are dealing with this dilemma every day.

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The idea behind TheHinduVoice

TheHinduVoice (THV) is the voice of every Hindu, who faced the discrimination for following religious practices or beliefs and also of those, who deal with this dilemma every day. THV is for those, who are awfully humble to dodge supporting Hindu religious leaders openly for the simple fear of being called ‘right-winged’. Come and explore why you belong to the most tolerant religion of the world and why Hinduism has a solution to every problem that you may be facing in life today. 

Yes, is the most vivid, modern and fresh expression of our great, ancient Indian culture. While Yoga and spirituality remain our most precious gifts the world, Hindu scriptures have also explored every aspect of human existence and guide you how life can be made more rewarding. No wonder, there is a strong influence of Hindu scriptures on other religions including Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism.

Unfortunately, such a rich and affluent religion and most of its rituals have been targeted as being non-secular since ages with an aim to badly influence the young generation and fill their minds with disbelief and doubt about their own religion. Most of our scriptures and practices are being shown in bad light so that Hinduism loses its essence and existence soon.

Our Mission at THV aims at resolving all difficult questions pertaining to Hinduism and show to the world how our gurus and scriptures set guidelines for everyone- from a ruler to a common man. They also showed how easy it is to practice good karma and attain moksha by doing simple things and doing them with a conviction. Everything that troubles human mind in modern era has been written and presented with a solution. Such a vast treasure we have with us and still we are living a dreadful life because no one unveiled them for us.

The Brains behind THV

We are a small team of working communication professionals, who spend whatever little time we get after our regular office hours or during the weekends with a mission to simplify Hinduism and its innate practices through our website. We are trying to show to the world how Hindu religion is the most tolerant religion and how not just Hindus, but all of us can get benefited with our rich scriptures and beliefs. We have a strong belief that with your support, we will achieve our noble mission of leaving behind a well-formulated way of life for coming generations- as shown to us by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Keep reading, keep spreading the word. TheHinduVoice is your own voice.

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